Building Greater Companies


Company Overview

Silicon Bay Partners is a holding company established to acquire and develop new leading edge technologies as well as promising early growth stage companies within the Software, Internet, Mobile Applications, and Real Estate sectors.

Its management believes that there are many promising early and growth stage companies which are undervalued or willing to be acquired at lower valuations because they have been unable to secure the funding and resources they need to develop their products and services. This has created an environment where many young companies are more amenable to being purchased on extremely conservative valuations and/or for stock as long as they will likely receive what they need to further develop their products and services. Additionally, instead of being commercialized, some of these new technologies end up in what the researchers call “the valley of death”.

Our team seeks to help a select portion of these leading edge technologies realize their potential and reach the marketplace. We believe that we can capitalize on an inefficient system by locating and purchasing what we believe to be the best new discoveries that are being overlooked – technologies that are effectively lost in “the valley of death”. Instead of spending millions each year on Research and Development, the firm’s leadership believes that a better business strategy is to take advantage of the disregarded technologies resulting from the millions already spent on Research and Development.

Our firm evaluates available technologies and then carefully selects the best leading edge technologies that we believe offer the strongest commercial potential. In evaluating potential acquisitions we also consider the projected level of sales and profit margins, financial strength, geographic location, purchase price and financing terms, management strengths and weaknesses, number and strength of competitors, as well as the history and reputation of the firms.

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